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Fairy Tale Candle from Novelly Yours

Fairy Tale Candle from Novelly Yours

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About this product

Literary candle with inspiration from the fairy tales and other fantasy stories. Bright, earthy, and fruity with fragrances of forest, meadow, apple, and sea breeze.

Top notes: apple orchard, clean sea breeze

Middle notes: bright citrus, forest, wooded glen

Base notes: meadow, soft grass, violets

Candle size: 9oz jar Wick type: Cotton wick Burn time: 50-60 hour Weight: 16 oz Diameter: 2.86" and 3.5" height Store with lid on, away from heating/AC vents when possible. Recommended storage temp between 63 - 78 degrees. All candles are made with UV inhibitor to help avoid discoloration but prolonged direct sun exposure still may cause discoloration of candles. Frosted (white crystalline pattern) may occur due to temperature changes over time. All of these situations may affect aesthetic but will not affect burn process or scent throw.

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